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Denis Gingras The pleasure of writing ...

The pleasure of writing...

I have several reasons for being found of writing.  It is an ideal way for structuring and sorting out

one’s own ideas and thinking.  Beyond the plain communication and legal purposes of it, writing is a

vehicle for introspection, where this simple act forces us to pose and take time to think, to pick up

carefully the right words that best fit the description of our thoughts. It is a window that opens to

the outside world and release our inner thoughts to be shared with others, present and future. It is a

memory that stands the passage of time and last beyond our ultimate breath, leaving a trace of our

existence and allowing others to remember who we were and what we thought. Writing is also an

invitation to travel through real and imaginary worlds, to design and build fantastic stories that we

judge worthed to be shared and known by others. Tens of thousands of words that can be combine in

an infinite number of ways bring us in uncharted universes and unbounded spheres of knowledge.

Writing is definitely an art in all its subtleties and finesse, allow us to express our innermost feelings

and recreate outside parts of our inner self. And finally, but not the least, hand writing, in particular

by using pens and ink, reveals us unique calligraphic songs, pieces of art that constitute a feast for

the eyes and for the spirit of men. 

II like sometimes to work on some piece of

poetry and build rimes, but I prefer to express

myself through short texts in prose, telling

stories, using metaphores, describe things,

feelings and ideas. When I write for pleasure, I

almost exclusively use French, although it

happens sometimes to attempt it in other


In this section of my web site, you will find

several pages, offering you pieces of my

writing; poems, short texts, travel journals and

diaries, essays etc.

I wish you much pleasure in reading my stuff!


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Library of Paris American archives

Painter’s paradise

One evening, after a storm over the over the

ocean, I had the chance to observe from the shore

a beautiful rainbow rising from the infinite


I then imagined that all artists and great

masters  who left us with splendors carefully

preserved through the famous museums of this

world, from Apelle to Riopelle, became pure

chromatic light after trespassing and gathered in

this beautiful world located at the feet of this

giant rainbow, where they all keep busy,

painting in joy the immenseness of the skies

with an infinity of colors

One day, hopefully still far away, I wish I’ll

have the chance to join them. And if one day,

someone is still thinking of me while watching a

rainbow diving in the ocean darkness, it will

then mean that I have succeeded to be there.

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