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Denis Gingras

“The artist, and this is how it differs from ordinary mortals, offers

as food for sarcasm, not only his physical appearance and his soul,

but also his whole work. ”

Welcome ! This Gallery section of the site is divided in numerous pages according to painting techniques used or years of production: oil, watercolor, pastel, drawing and mixed techniques. You will find a non exhaustive selection of the paintings and drawings I have made over the years since age 10. For each piece of work, you will find a data sheet including the informations pertaining to the illustrated art work (title, technique, size, date and location where the painting has been made) as well as a short text (in French) describing the story behind the creation of the art work. A red dot on the sheet indicates that the art wok has already been sold or is unavailable for sale. Sorry! Otherwise, you simply need to contact me (go to the web pages To buy a work of art”, To reach me and To leave me a message”) if a particular  work of art is of interest to you. To consult a data sheet, simply click on it. It can be enlarged further by cliking on the small square icon at the bottom of the file.
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Self-portrait, oil, 2014