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Denis Gingras
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The 26 little watercolors below have been realized spontaneously in Gaspésie during the summer

2013. To produce them, I simply let my mind wander in unknown creative territories, mixing

figurative and abstract arts (would that be what has been recently called “contemporary figurative

art” ?). I painted them anywhere, anytime without thinking on a series of small cardboards  usually

used in medical clinics for blood tests.  Those boards are very absorbing providing a very mat and

soft effect, atypical of traditional watercolor paper. Pigments are heavily diffused, which soften

contrasts and allows little space for the superposition of multiple transparent layers. the effect

reminds me a little of chinese and japanese watercolor on rice paper. The cardboards are roughly 

3.5” x 5” (8.75 cm x 12.5 cm) in dimensions. Some of them refer to recent images imprinted in my

short term memory as I was spending time in gaspesie. Others may refer to images or memories

deeply buried in my subconciousness. Everyone can see in those what he wants.

Lac St-Pierre
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Here are some watercolors that I’ve made in the late 90s.

Here are some watercolors that I’ve made in the early 2000s.


and welcome on this page illustrating some of my art works in watercolor. Some watercolors are shown with a data sheet. One finds on each data sheet the informations pertaining to the illustrated art work (title, technique, size, date and location where the painting has been made) as well as a short text (in French) describing the story behind the creation of the art work.

Here are a few more watercolors.